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Giionism, derived from Giiona, is a religious faith system taught by Malinson Bhaag, the Herald of Bhaag, who first introduced Giionist teachings in 2010. With the Internet its primary tool, the first Giionist Temple of Bhaag was constructed on a 3-D virtual reality island in Second Life. This enables people all over the world to congregate and practice under a single roof without leaving their homes. Giionist practice involves connecting and awakening to the great potential of joy, meaning and purpose that Mother Giiona seeks to provide.

Giionism’s primary purpose is enlightenment to our shaanta so as to provide for its growth and journey. Moreover, such enlightenment invokes profound insight to Mother Giiona’s message, enabling us to become greater symbols of hope and trust for peace, unity and happiness.

Practice is relatively simple and easily incorporated into daily life. Members are issued the Sacred Scroll of Giiona which is enshrined and used as the focus of practice. Meditation upon it involves chanting the mantra ‘You-Are-The-Way-In-The-Life-In-Me-Yam-Bhaag’ in both a morning and evening devotion.

We encourage people to learn more about what Giionism has to offer through the many articles, links and guidance lectures on this site.

Contact our religious organization at (405) 492-6754 in Oklahoma City, OK, to discover a deeper purpose in life with the members of our religious practice.


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Make a difference in your life and the lives of others at the Giionist Temple of Bhaag, a religious organization based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Giionism is a highly tolerant and adaptable religious practice that enthusiastically welcomes diverse individuals from any background. Whether you are seeking something more or simply a skeptic looking for answers, our friendly members are willing to help you understand the tenets of our beliefs.

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